Crazy weather & crafty stuff

Today started out to be a nice mild spring day, but by mid-afternoon a blast from the antarctic reminded us that winter was still here with buckets of rain falling.  It has been a dry winter so far up until last week, and I think the weather is trying to make up for lost time.  Yes, the rain is very welcome here, our water tank needs a bit more to fill up, and the dams need lots more runoff before they start to fill. 

Today I finished off some more book covers.  I now have 3 lots – patchwork, applique and painted.  The notebooks are A5 and A6, either lined notebooks or blank visual diaries. This one is painted upholstery fabric with some metallic fabric appliqued on the front.

These lovely necklaces arrived in the post from my youngest daughter Jen, who lives in Mt Isa.  She makes such georgeous pieces, and sells them through  her website Marcato Designs .  These are for me to sell with my scarves next week.  Jen already has some of my scarves to sell with her jewellry.

I’m still learning about setting up pages on this blog, do you like my heading?  it’s one of my own collection of  ‘normal everyday sunrises’, which we see almost daily from autumn through to spring every year.


4 responses to “Crazy weather & crafty stuff

  1. Great. Sunrise header is beautiful. Who would want to live anywhere else. It’s a great start 🙂


  2. Now I’ve subscribed to live feed,although maybe I should take the subscribe by email option… and sent the link to Maija.


  3. Hey, I love this, especially this portion. 🙂
    Thanks for the plug, I can now work out how to link this page to my site when you get your page .

    Looking good and I had a bit of a chuckle as some things which is always a good thing. I like reading blogs that bring a smile or chuckle.
    Photos are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

    Another thing… you started making quilts and decided you ddn’t want to make copies of things…. I do the same thing. No copies (not directly anyway).
    Jen. 🙂