Today, I delved into my box of UFOs to see if there was anything I could finish off quickly and have for display next week.  The first pic is a length of fabric, gold paint and stamps on black cotton that I can turn into a table runner.

table runner fabric

 This piece will make a lovely cushion, also gold paint on black.

   cushion fabric

There goes tomorrow morning, but it’ll be nice to have something new finished.  Also on tomorrow’s agenda will be cutting up lots of pieces of my hand-dyed fabric into either fat quarters or 30cm lengths.  Then I’ll put them into sets of 3 or 4 co-ordinating colours, in the cellophane bags I ordered yesterday, they should arrive in tomorrow’s post.

I thought you might like to see these little quilts. In an online quilting group quilt swap, I made this

spring flowers

and received this one in the swap.

hanging out

I just love the crispness and freshness of it.

The photos are all supposed to be in the centre, but they have a mind of their own tonight, another job to work on.


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  1. The flowers and bouys (?) are beautiful.

    Quilting terminology always makes me laugh. Does a fat quarter mean the other 3 quarters have to be skinny?!


  2. My house is full of UFO’s too although I think yours are in a whole other category 😉