Spring is here & fabrics are packed

First of September, spring is here, it rained on an off all morning, then the sun came out this afternoon just so I could take these photos – and the wind puffed just as I pressed the shutter !!

silk scarves

Multicolour habutai silk scarves

silk satin square scarf

Silk & satin devore square scarf

silk velvet devore

Silk velvet devore square scarf

cotton scarves

Left - woven cotton & fringe scarf. Right - cotton knit fabric scarf

After a visit to the hairdresser to lighten the weight on my head (and look half respectable for the weekend), I attacked the ironing of many metres of fabric, before cutting into 25 & 30 cm pieces and fat quarters.  Lengths were packaged 3 or 4 to a pack with my new label.

Packages of fabrics

Packages of fabrics ready for sale

Tomorrow is set up day.  Apart from lots of cleaning up  to start with, I must remember to make a new batch of dyes ready for the silk scarf demos I have promised to do.

And I’ve just noticed the blog list I tried to upload last night is over on the sidebar at last,  now I think I can add other things to that part of the page !


One response to “Spring is here & fabrics are packed

  1. Well done. Wishing you every success in your Open Studio this weekend. Hope you have lots of visitors.