Studio nearly ready for the Art Trail weekend

It’s been a very long day, and the studio is taking shape.  Walls painted, glass in front windows replaced, cool store (old) now has my vintage machine collection nicely displayed, and some of the tables ready.  We’ll be back there at the crack of dawn to hang the quilts and cover the tables with goodies.  Every available space including the floor is covered with scarves, jackets, quilts etc, ready to go in the morning.

  We’ve created a false ceiling under the very high shed roof with  three triangular shade sails, hopefully it won’t make it too dark, but extra lighting for the back half of the studio are planned anyway. 

Now to print my signs.


2 responses to “Studio nearly ready for the Art Trail weekend

  1. Can’t wait see pictures of the false ceiling!


  2. Love the picture of the dawn
    Ellison Edwards