Day 1 of Channel Art Trail

A lovely sunny day brought out lots of people despite it being a working day.  Murphy’s Law dictated that we wouldn’t be ready to open at 10am – the sign and flags were out but the tables were still bare. 

My big Japanese quilt was so heavy that the nails in the wall would not hold in and the string attached to the hanging rod broke.  Finally, the rod was attached to screws in the shed frame above the top of the wall, and it looks good being able to see all of it rather than have the bottom folded under because it was draping on the floor.  The other 2 quilts were a bit easier but the wall definitely wasn’t built to take the weight of a quilt on nails driven through the plaster.  So the big tables have my quilts spread over them rather than being hung. 

scarves on show

Lots of scarves on display with quilts in background

Books, fabrics

Books and fabrics on table with Japanese quilt in background

 Late in the afternoon, the light was not so good for photographs at the back, but these ladies were waiting by the front door. 

Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to take pics in the morning when it’s sunny, and just for Heather, I’ll include the ceiling.

Three stately ladies

Three stately ladies in their glamourous coats

There was a lot of interest in my vintage sewing machines, 5 treadles and 4 tabletops, the oldest, from the early 1900s I think, having the winding handle and the newest being from the 1940s or 50s.  I’ll have some pics tomorrow.


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