Day 3 art trail

More rain and wind didn’t deter lots of people from doing the trail again today.  Met lots of interested visitors, talked ourselves hoarse, and the time flew by. 

This morning I grabbed half an hour to dash up to Woodbridge for a look at Channel Quilters’ quilt exhibition in the Woodbridge Hall.  Lots of beautiful quilts there, some I had seen before (I’m a member of C Q ) including a small one of my own 🙂


CQ exhibition

This week I’ll get back to working on my own website as well as catching up with new pages on the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s website (I’m their web manager).  So come back later in the week and I’ll have something to show you.


2 responses to “Day 3 art trail

  1. Is this the ‘small one’ you mention?


  2. The quilts were an inspiration. Must be time to make another one!