A day at the computer

Today was catch up with neglected jobs day.  First fold up and put away the fresh laundry – left the ironing to tomorrow! – then make a pot of pumpkin soup for the next week’s lunches, before tackling the computer for several hours. 

A new page has been added to this blog, called Gallery, and I intend to fill it with some of my photos.  First one is my youngest (currently) grandbaby, Millie, about 10 weeks when pic taken in Sydney in June, and of course I have to add another sunrise.  Millie is our eighth grandchild, number nine is due in November. 

I am the web manager for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild and today was regular maintenance as well as updating a couple of pages.  The photo gallery page is being revamped, but I cannot upload it until I have all the photos correctly linked, hopefully finished in the next few days.

( This was written on Thursday and somehow it didn’t get posted but sat in the draft box until I logged on to start another post this afternoon 😦   )


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