Sunday drive

On Friday I took delivery of my new car, a Toyota Corolla,

My new car

and today we went for a drive down the Huon Valley to Surges Bay to see the flowers at the Daffodil Farm Open Day.  As W. Wordsworth once said “..all at once I spied a host of golden daffodils…”  Cold and windy but the flowers were beautiful.  I forgot to take any photos until we were leaving and stopped to get this one in the entrance to the farm.


I have been asked to make a quilt using some particular Japanese fabrics, fat quarters of which were supplied.  I have been able to get extras of all except the one requested for a border.  I am asking for help here.  Does anyone have some of this fabric or know a shop which does?  I need about half a metre of it.

Hoffman fabric

The name of the design on the selvedge is “Shanghai”  Style F9013 by Hoffman California International Fabrics.  The background colour is slightly greener than the pic, but those wavy lines are from the scanner and not on the fabric at all.  The design is meant to be wisteria on a lattice.


3 responses to “Sunday drive

  1. nice car… very spunky, and I love daffodils!
    Sounds like a fun day. And that material looks pretty cool too. 🙂


  2. Now you can enjoy ‘new car smell’ 🙂


    • I’ve done over 300km already, Ted’s borrowing a couple of times this week and I’m off to Lonnie on Sat. Smell will soon be gone.