New quilt with Japanese fabrics

Today I gathered up my japanese fabrics and sorted them into their styles – traditional dark blues and reds, and the bright modern styles.  From this latter pile I chose 16 pieces, mostly fat quarters, in yellow, red or bluey-green, with gold printing on 12 of them.

Japanese fabrics

Japanese fabrics ready for cutting

They are really brighter than the picture shows.  The green on the right will be the outer border and one of the bright reds will be the inner narrow border.  I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Today’s mail brought the long awaited catalogue of information about the Remarkable Symposium for quilters, in Queenstown, New Zealand next April.  There are about 60 tutors, international, australian and local (NZ) with classes over 5 days – it’s going to be hard to decide which ones to do …..

Meanwhile, I have also been updating the TQG website with upcoming events.


2 responses to “New quilt with Japanese fabrics

  1. Good stash of asian fabrics. I love working with them, how lucky for you!


    • Thanks for looking at my blog, how did you find me from so far away? We are two of a kind with our quilting. Looking at your comment, yes it is a disease, a very addictive one that won’t let go. Even when life gets in the way, we must have our daily fix, if only to run our hands over some fabric or read the latest magazine to arrive.