Winter again

What a day it’s been.  First thing this morning, the power went off as we were drinking our early morning cuppa at 6.30 …. It was quiet here but storms and gales were happening on the west and south coasts.  Power back at 7.00 and a rush to make toast and coffee before we lost it again.  Then it did go off again at 7.45 and nearly 11 hours later at 6.30 pm, it came back on, just as I finished cooking tea on our gas camp stove ! 

It’s amazing how much we rely on electricity for our daily activities.  I had planned to vacuum the floor this morning so I could lay out the pieces of the new quilt as I cut them – I cut some pieces which had already been ironed, but the rest have to wait until tomorrow. 

But the upside  was I got stuck into my knitting, sitting in the window so I could see properly. I am doing the cuffs and neckband of a batwing/dolman-sleeve jumper in fine black wool which has taken me months to knit, there being nearly 400 stitches on the needles  from wrist to wrist over the shoulders – and all without a proper pattern.  I had to work it out as I went, and there were several unpicks and start agains in the early stages until I had the right size.

Yesterday on my way home from the physio (getting my shoulder fixed) and driving through the suburb of Kingston, I had a perfect view of Mt Wellington with a new coat of fresh snow.  It was nearly sunset and the snow is in shadow, but you can see what it should have looked like.

Snow on Mt Wellington at sunset

We can’t see the mountain from here, but the TV showed how far down the snow was today, with lots of tourists building snowmen and have snowball fights.  Rain overnight will melt a lot of it into slush tomorrow.


One response to “Winter again

  1. 12 hrs without power.. oh no. the reason you wanted – and I want – a gas stove! Picture looks good though and at least there were other things to keep you busy 🙂