With one eye and ear on the TV, trying not to watch David Attenborough’s Life of Plants programme, I have been laying out my latest quilt project with the japanese fabrics.  No this is not the commission quilt yet, I need to get some more of a couple of the fabrics before I start to cut out. 

Second layout

It looks a bit scrappy here and the layout needs a bit of tweaking before I start sewing. 

Yesterday was the quilting guild meeting in Launceston, 3 and a quarter hours driving from home, so my new car got a good run, 487 km by the time I got home last night.  It was the Annual General Meeting so we have a new committee, and I am still the web manager.

Weather has warmed up a bit, but the wind continues, but then it is equinox time and strong wind is the norm for September and October in this part of the world.

More snow on Mt Wellington

This is a new fall of snow on the mountain on Friday, snow in September does not usually stay around for more than a day or so.  We cannot see the mountain from where we live, and need to drive 30km to get a good view, and often miss out seeing it altogether, so it was nice to get such a good view of it.


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  1. ooh, love the snow shot! and the quilt looks pretty good.. from first hand experience of seeing these things all over the floor on a regular basis. 🙂