Garden pests and flowers

Had time this morning to wander around what is left of our garden.  Last year we strengthened the wire fence in an attempt to keep out the wallabies.  It did for a while, until they found their way through it, or over it, and even under it.  We haven’t mowed the lawns for months, no need, it is eaten down as close as the mower would leave.    They don’t just eat the grass, but just about every bush or flower has been attacked in some way, except for the spring bulbs (which are of course poisonous to animals).  If the wallabies don’t eat a plant, they sit in the middle and break it down – young lavendars seem to be a favourite for them. 

We did have a lovely hedge of unusual lavendars, but they have become very woody and some have actually died.  They will finally be removed when we build an even bigger wallaby fence soon.  But in the meantime, we have a whole lot of self-seeded lavendar plants come up all over the garden in the last couple of years.  I always understood that lavendar was not good at reproducing this way, that it rooted from cuttings, but all of ours have had little babies all over the garden.

You can see from this photo that two varieties have grown into one another and they do look quite specky with the sun shining on them – apart from the gaping hole in the middle where the wallabies have been.

Growing up beside the fence around the patio is a wisteria, part of a very old plant which we dug up and moved, been there about 5 years, and looks like the first lot of flowers budding up.  Watch this space in a couple of weeks !

This morning was the monthly meeting of Stitching and Beyond, a group of like minded textile artists of all media, who get together and discuss and show what they have been doing, plan our next exhibition and who we can have for workshop tutors.  We have a 3 day workshop coming up next week with Marie-Therese Wisniowski, which promises to be very exciting….

Layout number 3, still not happy, it is all a bit bland, the pretty red fabrics with gold over print look very brown, I think I’ll swap a few of them for a very bright red with no gold, and one of the yellow fabrics for a very bright golden orange if I can find one.


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