So inspired

This last week has been so full on, first with our son john and his family over from the mainland staying with us for a few days, and having to abandon them to do a workshop on Thursday, bidding them safe travelling on Friday, and preparing for more workshop over the weekend.  It was lovely to see the little ones again, even for such a short time.  Our turn to visit them next time.

Tomorrow will be my first day at home on my own, all day, to recover – I am still on overload, but I will be back in my studio before the end of the week to practise more of what I learned about creating art cloth. 

Here is a sample of what I produced in the Discharging dye workshop

Discharged dye on hand-dyed silk-rayon velvet

Discharging dye class group photo

and two pieces from the weekend workshop – in pursuit of art cloth – we created pieces with lots of layers.

Creating shadows with layers

Stencil over discharged stencil

Stencil Layers Class group photo

Aren’t we a motley lot amid the chaos on the tables.   Thank you Marie-Therese for a wonderful workshop, we have all been very  inspired by you.

I didn’t realise until right now that I had taken very few photos of my own work, but lots of other people’s at varying stages of completion.  I’ll post more photos of my work in the next few days.  Stay tuned. 

Remember the wisteria in bud?  Well, Spring arrived on Friday, and we have had four consecutive warm sunny days, today up to 23 degrees and similar tomorrow, and the wisteria blossoms are beginning to open.

another few days and it will look magnificent.


One response to “So inspired

  1. haha – i couldn’t agree more about ‘recovering’! Was lovely to see you and Ted as well, Sue (and your wonderful new dying creations! 🙂 )