Discharging dye from silk

Another lovely spring day which started rather dramatically with a fire in our hay bales.  Quick action by the local fire brigade and help from the neighbours soon had it under control, but lots of spoiled hay and mess in the paddock. 

Meanwhile in my studio, I found time to drool over my new fabrics and take some photos.

Discharged dye on silk exercise

This was a comparison of tools to use when using discharge paste.  Some stamps discharged more evenly and heavier when done with a foam brush, while others made with a foam roller gave a finer and clearer line.

This chiffon scarf was a bright apricot before I overdyed it with some old (mixed up a few weeks) Procion purple and bronze dyes to get lovely soft mottled shades of a chocolate brown.  Then I painted a spiral on one corner with discharge dye to get this interesting colour result.

The design on this silk scarf does not show up clearly here, but it does in the real.  I started with a bright golden yellow and orange scarf and discharged the colour with the discharge paste on my 12″by 12″ lioncut stamp all over the length of the scarf, steamed and rinsed, then overdyed it with Procion fuschia (also a bit old), and the resulting colours are absolutely gorgeous – deep pink pattern of the linocut over a deep orange background, quite yummy!

This is another silk scarf, this time originally fuschia either end and scarlet in the middle.  Same design discharged full length of scarf, then overdyed with a weak mixture of the same colours, then discharged a large spiral several times along the length.

This was actually the first scarf to be discharged, and it looked so good I have left it like this and no overdyeing.  The discharged design is only hinted at in its appearance but it add another dimension to an otherwise very plain piece of silk.

This purple and bronze scarf was discharged with a large leafy stencil twice at each end, and you can see the colour changes within the pattern.  This didn’t need to be overdyed either, looks lovely as it is.

Back to the physio tomorrow to have my shoulder strapped up again so should be able to do some gardening on the weekend if the weather doesn’t break up, knowing my luck it probably will, it is October after all. 



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