Lots more colour

Here are some of the cotton pieces from the weekend workshop.  This first one is my large linocut in green paint on a purple backg round – the spirals are not quite in the centre so they look more interesting.

This is working with a medium sized stamp in a grid pattern, adding a small stamp in the centre of each block and then a different small stamp in opaque paint complementary colour on the corner of each block.

This one is using the same stamps as on the grid, but random placement, and opaque paint for the top layer, the small spiral.

This one has the same stencil for each layer, from dark to light – first layer black added to the colour, then colour only, then white added to the colour for the top layer.

Using colour values of dark to light again, but changing the size of the stencil to be large for the dark underlayer, medium size for the second layer and small for the top layer, results in a lot of depth for these leaves.

I must tell you about this book which arrived in the mail during the week.

The first half of the book is devoted to different ways of applying the printed image on to paper and fabric and the second part describes the various stitches which can be used to enhance the artwork.  I have another book on order which should arrive any day now – Drawn to Stitch.  I’m on an inspiration overload.


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