Here and there

Off to Zeehan on the west coast last Sunday, it was a beautiful day for driving, brilliant sun and blue skies, something not seen a lot for a while.  The weather had warmed up very quickly and the wattle trees were in bloom .  Up on the plateau in the central highlands, there were swathes of yellow everywhere.

This was on Mt Arrowsmith, a bit fuzzy as I was looking straight into the sun. Also a very special sight for me was Frenchmans Cap.

I have travelled this road many times over the past 60 odd years, and look out for Frenchmans Cap every time, but this was the first time I had seen it stand out so clearly.  Most times, it is covered in cloud, or the sky is as grey as the mountain, and the view is not at all spectacular.  This time, the peak was covered in snow and the afternoon sun was shining on it and the sky was a brilliant blue around it.   I had lots of glimpses through the trees all the way from the lookout on Mt King William down to the base of Mt Arrowsmith, it was a very special sight for me.

After attending to business matters in Zeehan, it was off to Smithton to visit our daughter and her family.    Here are the grandchildren in the dressing up cupboard, even an old carseat cover can look elegant .

Home again on Tuesday evening, a round Tassie trip of 1030km.  I have clocked up over 3000km in the new car already.

Meanwhile, I have been working in my studio again, this time doing a bit of linocutting.  I finished this one which I started a longtime ago during a class with Dijanne Cevaal, but I haven’t printed it out yet, that’ll have to wait till the weekend.

 Tomorrow is Compass Quilters fortnightly meeting and i had better get my show ‘n’ tell ready to take.  And on Saturday, I am teaching my jacket class in Hobart.  It’s a 3-day class, 2 weeks between classes, because there is a lot of homework to do in between, not a difficult jacket to make at all, just takes quite a bit of time with all the patchwork and appliques.

It’s my piece of wearable art that I wear a lot, and doesn’t clash with my hair when it is coloured pink!


3 responses to “Here and there

  1. Suggest you send the photo of Frenchmans Cap to ABC weather. Maybe there are others who have waited this long for a sight of it. eg I have never seen it so clear. Lauree


  2. I agree with Lauree comment, that’s a beautifully clear shot.


  3. I think I might send it in if I can find the right link on the ABC website.