Market supplies

My, hasn’t the year gone past quickly.  Looking at the calendar this morning, I realised that it is only 2 weeks before the summer markets start here in Woodbridge.  So a quick check to see what stocks I have ready and what extra scarves or fabric I need to work on.  Plenty of scarves to start the market with, but I need to make a few more book covers and buy some 2011 diaries to put in them.  

Then I looked in the bin of hand-dyed fabrics …..  a large pile of washed fabrics waiting to be ironed, they’ve been there since the winter when I dyed up a storm prior to the Channel Art Trail.  So I spent the afternoon ironing fabrics – this is the only sort of ironing I am happy to do – LOL. 

I couldn’t resist taking photos of these fabrics individually.  This purple and browny-grey is actually purple overdyed with an olive green.  I have used this combination in my scarves and the result is more bronze and purple.

This is a wonderful blend of forest greens.

I just love this red which is a mix of Moroccan Red and Rubine.

Tomorrow will be cutting up day – cutting into fat quarters, and also 25cm or 30cm pieces to be packed into theme packs of 3 or 4 pieces. 

When that’s done, I’ll see if I have time to make a few little bags from left over fabrics of jackets I have made.  The bags are always popular because they are lovely and bright and usually go with any colour scheme you are wearing.


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