Colour in the garden and fabrics

I do love a well tended garden, but there is something about the garden which grows by itself – where the flowers set their seed and die down at the end of the summer, and then lo and behold, those flowers are growing somewhere else in the garden the next spring, and they have multiplied, and the grass and sticky weeds have done the same and are mixed up with the flowers, and it’s time to do some sorting out and let the flowers know that they are the wanted ones and not the weeds (which are floruishing and are not all weedy).

and then there is this lovely tiny star pelargonium bravely fighting through the rambling rock rose.

The bluebells this year have spread madly where I planted small groups of them last year.  Their colour is superb in the sunshine.  These are beginning to fade a bit though.

I’m not sure if this is really called Lamb’s Tongue or Tobacco bush, but one came up in a pot of something else from a nursery a couple of years ago, and we let it grow to see what it was.  Well the flower head was over 2 metres high, and every seed must have set, because dozens of babies appeared last year, a few were left to grow, but not to set the seed.  However, this one survived and is growing quite happily in a crack in the concrete at the edge of the lawn.  We won’t let it get big enough to damage the concrete though.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I have been busy packing and labelling all the cut fabrics into cellophane bags.

The label is a bit hard to see but these packs have 4 x 25cm pieces in them.  Here are some of the others before I packed them these are 30cm pieces and I will pack them in threes.

You can see from these pics that I have lots of green fabrics, and only a few red, blue or purple.  So they are what I will be dyeing up next week.

I have also joined a couple of blog rings – Artful Quilters and Fibre Arts Bloggers.  I would love to hear from you what you think about my ramblings, so please leave a comment here or on my facebook page, (I think it is working).  🙂


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