Surprise for readers

I am working on a surprise for subscribers and commenters here on my blog, and also those who leave messages on my facebook page.!/suedee10    but you have to either comment or subscribe (or both).  I haven’t decided yet, but there could be a nice piece of hand painted fabric for the lucky reader.  I’ll be sure to show you when the fabric is painted and I’ll make the draw from the list at the end of November, and publish the winner here.


3 responses to “Surprise for readers

  1. Hi Sue, what a nice surprise! I have a facebook fanpage and I have just started a post on My Sinfonia’s discussion board for Tasmanian artisans/artists/craftswomen and men to post their links on the post, network and get to know each other’s work.

    You can post any links so long as it is about your work -websites, facebook fan pages, blogs, only shops…Hope to see you there! Here’s the link! 😀


    Discussion Topic for Tasmanian Artists/Artisans/Craftswomen and men:


  2. I love getting the daily update via email 🙂 Your spring pictures are great when the weather here is so bl**dy miserable 🙂


  3. We are currently having as many grey days as bright sunny ones, but I only take photos when the weather is good.