“Cold” it is.

Although today was a bit on the chilly side, the sun did come out this afternoon, and I did a bit of fabric painting.  Rather it was stencilling over already painted fabric.  This was the original fabric when I painted it, quite dark in colour as it was still wet

 and it dried like this, a lot paler, no warmth in the winter sun.

So today, I stencilled some snowflakes randomly across the fabric, and when that paint was dry, re-sprayed it with the blue paint over the top, and hung it to dry.

 Dry and ironed, it is a very subtle mottled blue, like a cold winter sky.

Tomorrow, at our Friday quilting group, Compass Quilters, we all have to produce a piece of art with the theme “Cold”, doesn’t have to be a quilt, can be any media, so I’ll have this piece of art cloth to show. 

This week, I have also been making a few bags for the market on Sunday.  This bag needs a handle yet, and has a beaded zipp tag.

This sample of couching yarn

became the outside pocket of this bag

This strip-pieced bag is a bit larger

These bags, plus a couple of others unfinished, will add to my display at the market.  They’ll each have a scarf or necklace to go with it.

Last night the bags displayed the wrong way, they’re right now, so I hope they stay that way.

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One response to ““Cold” it is.

  1. I like the snowflakes. Soon enough we’ll have the real thing again!