Rainbow painting

This weekend, I did some experimenting with different paints on silks, and got 2 very different results.  The paints I used were Pebeo Setacolor Transparent and Genesis Liquid Radiance.  I was aiming for a rainbow piece of fabric which will be cut into 2m ribbons.

First I used the Liquid Radiance, brushed on the colours with a foam brush and then blended them by rubbing the fabric with my fingers. 

Genesis Liquid Radiance on silk

 Then I stretched it out to dry on a plastic tablecloth on the carpet. 

Genesis rainbow

Where the wrinkles were on the wet fabric, show up as dark marks when it dried.

Dry fabric - marks not wrinkles

With the Setacolor, the painting technique was the same, but because the  wet paint was puddling on the table under the fabric, I decided to hang this piece on a clothes airer instead.  As the stripes of colour were a bit more uniform, the dripping/running paint didn’t cause any smearing.  And it dried very quickly.

Setacolor rainbow

Tomorrow both fabrics will be ironed and then rinsed out.

The computer is being stupid and on a go slow night, and the mouse is not responding as it should, so all the garden photos will have to wait till tomorrow or whenever the computer lets me upload. 

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  1. You published! love the pastels.