Rainbow silk and garden flowers

Isn’t it amazing the lift you get after a session with the hairdresser, and you come away not only with your new style and colour, but feeling a new you.  That’s me today, new light golden highlights, not pink this time, cut short at the back and still lots on top.  (No I didn’t take a photo to show you). 
But I can show the finished pieces of silk, after rinsing and ironing, they are shiny and lustrous.

Rainbow coloured silk - Setacolor

Rainbow coloured silk - Genesis

I think I like the Setacolor better, mainly because of the blending of the colours and the consistent values of each colour.  With the Genesis piece,   there is a lot of dark/light contrast in each colour, which isn’t what I was looking for here, but it will suit another project sometime …..

As promised here are some more garden photos.  First is the entrance to our driveway, where three different hawthorne trees – red, white and pink flowered – have joined their foliage to create an arch over the roadway, nearly smothering other plants including a very large aloe and a cabbage tree (I think) below them.

Arch of hawthorne trees

The gelder rose – old fashioned pom-pom tree – and white lilac have been magnificent this yearuntil the wind and rain hastened dropping their petals.  It has looked like a heavy snowfall every day for a week now.The lily of the valley has grown very tall this year, nearly twice its normal height, it would be a good 70cm high, must be all the rain we have had this spring.

Lily of the valley

Further along the drive are the native trees, including this banksia, which still has one of last year’s nuts still holding on with the new leaves around it – they look amazingly life-like little creatures don’t they.

Banksia man

Baby bottlebrush blossoms

Last magnolia blossom for 2010

Mock orange blossom after the rain


6 responses to “Rainbow silk and garden flowers

  1. Hi, i really like the setacolour too, the blending is more pleasing to my eye. I like the rich colours but this is a good one.

    the magnolia flowers are gorgeous! nad imagine that – snow in flowerpot in November! 😉


  2. And if you click on the photo of the mock orange blossom to enlarge, you’ll see the raindrops on the petals.


  3. What lovely flowers Sue – I didn’t know you had a lily of the valley! We planted some and only one made a reluctant appearance and was gone in days.


  4. Still looks lovely! I finally got a Pride of Madeira (remember from the Botanical Gardens?) and a Californian Lilac (bee bush) so lots of blue hopefully next Summer 🙂


  5. I am speechless with envy for your garden! The dyed silks are beautiful. I came across your blog today when looking at other quilting articles. I live in the desert, which has its own beauty, but I miss seeing lush flowers.