Painted fabrics

When I painted the silk last week, I also painted a piece of cotton with the leftover Setacolors

Setacolor on cotton

and while still wet, liberally sprinkled it with salt.  Here’s a closeup of the salt.

Salt on cotton setacolor

Then I left it to completely dry, and this morning, I removed the salt and gave the fabric a good thorough hot ironing, before giving it a good wash.  The result  –

Closeup of cotton fabric

If you click on the photo to get a larger view, you’ll see some of the lovely salt run effects.  Now what am I going to do with this fabric?  I think it could take a few more layers and become a piece of art cloth.  I’ll pin it on my wall and think about it for a while.


11 responses to “Painted fabrics

  1. Yep, it is a good beginning!


    • I don’t want to cut it up, but I can see different possibilities if I did cut it. Like a red bushfire or sunset piece, or a nice watery Monet at the other end. I’ll keep on thinking …..
      I had a quick look at your blog, and love what you are doing with dyes too. We’ll have to compare notes. 🙂


  2. Margaret Price

    Hi Sue, I looove that dyed cloth. And congratulations on your 500 . I am sure it will soon be 1000.
    Happy stitching, Margaret


  3. wow! Fabric has such a watery feel it could be included in the Wooden Boat S-B exhibition in Feb 2011 with the maritime theme. Just a few stitches or gathers is all that is needed.


  4. judy norman

    Lovely piece of fabric, Sue. You are having lots of fun in the dyeing shed I can tell. Great to see your lovely garden flowers in your photos, a nice way to keep up to date with what you are doing.


    • It’s a lot of fun Judy, you’ll have to come and join me sometime when I’m playing with those lovely colours and fabrics.


  5. Margaret Price

    I am surprised that you have not passed ti 505 lookers yet, but 500 is very exciting anyway.


    • I checked when I arrived home just now, and there are 536 🙂 now I have to work out who 505 might have been…
      stay tuned.


  6. Margaret Price

    Wow……..My silk scarf has arrived, I love it, beautiful blue, my favorite colour.
    Thank you so much Sue, you have really made my day which started off a bit glum.

    Happy stitching, Margaret


    • Margaret, I’m happy I’ve been able to make you smile, and it sounds like you’ll be wearing it a lot. 🙂