Visitors, market and blog

What an overwhelming response  I’ve had, but no-one actually said they were number 505, but the first two responses must have been near so I’ll be sending something to both Judith and Margaret.  The number tally is already at 550 so I must be doing something right.

Today is Woodbridge Market day again, so I’m off there shortly.  But this is what we saw last night at sunset.  We don’t usually see much colour in the sky in the evening because we are tucked under a hill to the west, but the storm clouds took on a lovely pink tinge, but faded very quickly, I was lucky to get even this much colour in a photo.

If you would like to see more results from the art cloth workshops we did back in October, visit Marie-Therese’s blog and have a look see, the link is in the Blogroll on the right side of this page.


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