Summer garden and other stuff

Summer must really be on the way, the roses are starting to appear.  Although my garden is very colourful with early summer flowers, the roses have been very reluctant to bloom.  The rambling and climbing roses have squillions of buds coming, but this is the first one to open.

Rambling rose

and the red bush rose has managed to survive the ravages of the possums and wallabies and produce one of only a few blooms.

First red rose

At the market yesterday, I found a set of pages for scrapbooking, made from fibreboard,

the top page of which was a cutout design, which I saw immediately as a stamp, it is about 18cm square.

A nice size for my narrow scarves, but I can also see other possibilities, like blocks in a quilt, and …..

And while I have been typing this post, I have been looking out the window and watching the full moon rising over Bruny Island, and rushing out to take photos every few minutes.

Full moon rising 22 Nov 2010

I have been trying for what seems like several years to get a good picture of a full moon.  The night when the moon is full, it rises over the horizon just on dusk, no matter the time of year. It is amazing the number of times when I am waiting with the camera ready, and Murphy says not tonight, it’s raining or cloudy, or it came up half an hour ago, etc…  But tonight, it was spectacular, my little digital camera does not pick up everything, but you can see how lovely the water would look through the trees.


2 responses to “Summer garden and other stuff

  1. I have never been successful at taking a picture of the moon. Yours is nice


  2. Thank you Judith, a lot of pictures were deleted to get this one.