Markets and gardens

Remember this photo from last week ?

Well I’ve had it confirmed that it isn’t lily of the valley, but it is Solomons Seal, which grows twice as tall as the lily of the valley, and actually is quite a different plant when they are seen together.  The lily is short and has several leaves and one spike of flowers, whereas the soloms seal has one stalk with a series of smallish leaves on it and the dainty flowers hang down from the stalk under the leaves.

The other evening, we had friends over to visit and to compensate me for my garden’s tardiness in producing roses this year, I was presented with this lovely bunch of roses.

Thank you Judy, they cheered me up no end.

The warm weather last week opened the rambling rose, and now we can see how far it has rambled – the very old and big red camelia now has lots of white roses blooming through its foliage. (Apologies for no pic – I’ll try tomorrow)  But the peppermint gum half way along the driveway is blooming heavily this year, and its tiny petals – spiky flowers – are floating everywhere in the breeze.

And another example of my wild garden is the rock rose and red pelargonium which grow well together.

This weekend I visited three markets to check them out, 2 of them I usually am unable to get to them and the third is a new one out at Lenah Valley.  It is primarily an art and craft market, and was very successful last month, and should work well.  This is the outdoor part of the South Hobart market, in the grounds of All Saints Church.

South Hobart market

During the week I finished quilting two baby quilts for a friend’s friend who is having a baby soon, and finished putting together a double bed quilt top and am now piecing the back so it will be a reversible quilt when it is done.  I can’t show pics yet as it is a commission.

Marie-Therese has posted her pictures of Day 2 of her workshop on her blog – you can see them here.


One response to “Markets and gardens

  1. Hi Sue,
    All Saints market is a great little market.
    I have had a lovely time in my garden. Feel free to come around and get cuttings if you like. I put some photos on facebook of my garden. The alstromerias in particular are beautiful this year.
    Sue Lee