Computers and more

We went shopping for new computers today, too many to choose from made it so confusing.  By the end of the day we think we know what we want – just have to find the right one for the job – just as long as it is faster than what we have now.  Sometimes, when I turn on this machine, I have time to make a cuppa while it starts up.

This week has brought some interesting magazines.

Embellish magazine has a very interesting article on Moroccan textiles, and techniques for shibori on polyester which I must try.  Also, a very late edition of Down Under Textiles has finally arrived –

which has a 4-page article on Rita Summers, a Tasmanian textile artist, and her natural dyeing techniques – well done Rita.

Out in the garden, the oriental lilies are beginning to open.

Here they are surrounded by the pink aqualegia (spelling?), yellow poppies, red geranium, and blue forget-me-nots, making a colourful splash in the sunshine.

Now, back to the sewing machine, to get some more quilting done.


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