More rainbow silk painting

After a week of humidity, low clouds and thunderstorms that don’t quite happen, it was lovely to wake up this morning to bright sunshine,  (can you tell I don’t like humid weather? )  and see the last of the river fog being burnt away by the sun.

With such a promising start to the day, I got stuck into painting more silk in rainbow colours.  Remember this piece of silk painted with Setacolor? 

It was a bit too pastelly, so I decided to over-paint.

First, I folded the 2m length into four horizontally, and then in half vertically before dampening it thoroughly.  Then I poured some red Setacolor onto one plate and some blue on another plate.  I scrunched up the red/pink end of the fabric bundle and squished it around the plate of red paint.

Leaving it sitting on the plate, I picked up the other end and squished that in the blue paint.

Carefully lifted the fabric from the plates and laid it on the table still scrunched, poured yellow paint over the middle part of the fabric and gave it a good squishing.  Then I opened out the parcel

and carefully spread it out over the table to dry.

The sky was clouding over again, no sun to finish the drying, but lots of westerly wind  – and no clothes line to hang the fabric on.  So with Ted holding one corner of the fabric and me at the other end, we marched up and down outside for about 5 or so minutes, with the fabric waving in the breeze.  Just as well we had no visitors, we must have looked quite comical.

When the wetness had gone, I took it inside and stretched it over the clothes airer to finish drying.  Then heat set with the iron and rinsing a couple of times to freshen it up and a final ironing this evening. 

We’ll see what it looks like in the daylight tomorrow, but it is certainly a lot brighter than it was. 

My method was a little unusual, but it seemed the easiest way to add more of the same colour to different parts of the cloth.  Because I had actually painted in stripes the first time, and I tried to get the same colours together when I folded the fabric, I hoped the stripes would still be there, with secondary colours happening with the blending.

It was actually a very simple way to get the colour into the fabric.  I have done the same with Procion dyes and cotton when I needed to get more than two colours into the fabric, but in this case I think the paint was the best for the silk length.  I didn’t want too much migrating between colours other than the blended stripes.


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