Book covers

Today was play day with paints and stamps and stencils and stuff …..

I thought the patchwork bookcovers I have made for diaries needed a bit extra embellishment.  As the covers were a bit stiff for more stitching or beading, I decided to add some paint. 

Starting with a few covers that were like this one –

with the aid of some paint and a roller –

I stamped some copper-pink metallic paint on a couple of covers and blue sparkle on another.  The metallic shine doesn’t show up very well in the photos though.

and this is the blue cover laying flat

Then I tried out some of the new leaf stencils –

Green and copper paint on a fuschia/purple piece of heavy drill fabric, which may well end up as a large bag.

Cleaning up the roller and tray – instead of rolling a grid on fat quarters ready for another design on top (I have plenty of them already) I found a long piece of blue fabric and rubbed the roller over a large cut out spiral very roughly –

Eight spirals together like this will make a very nice table runner.


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