New baby and festive lunches

Hello world, this is Toby, 3 days old, number 9 of the Domeney grandchildren, wide awake and surveying the world at large, hard to tell from this photo who he is like yet, he has his father’s eyes for sure.

Toby - 3 days old

It’s that time of the year when our social calendars get over full.  For me that means six lunch invitations over eight days.  First one was the sewing guild lunch at a member’s home in Lindisfarne, an eastern suburb of Hobart.  Ros is a wonderful cook, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves around the long table.  This is the view she has from her dining room window, nearly as good as from my own dining room 🙂

And you can see the weather we are having, sunshine in between the scudding showers brought by those heavy clouds.

Then today, was a  family Christmas lunch, a small gathering but lots of laughter and noise.  Menu was  cold roast lamb and turkey and local salmon with pear and rocket salad and lots of nuts (very yummy) followed by rich pudding with thick rich ice cream on top.  Waistbands definitely getting tighter.  I’ll be working it all off in the pool tomorrow.


2 responses to “New baby and festive lunches

  1. isn’t my nephew so cute… ?