Gardens and things

With the warm weather, the garden has been growing at a mad rate, weeds more than flowers.  After lots of weeds were pulled and bushes trimmed yesterday, it was time to get out the old trusty mulcher machine and reduce the huge pile to a mere four buckets which fitted nicely into the compost bin. 

Things like old iris leaves and twigs from a young wattle tree were too stringy and just went straight through, but everything else reduced very easily.  Just about finished and down came the rain again … !! 

But the rain did mean that I could get on with finishing the quilt I am working on.  By tea time tonight I had done all the quilting, leaving only the trimming , binding and label to finish it off.

Meanwhile the rain stopped and out came the camera.  This is one of my red oriental lilies under the fuschia bush.

and the white climbing rose which is an absolute picture at last.


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