Christmas with the family

What a wonderful weekend we had with the family.  The older children Jo and Sam (7 & 3) are old enough to really enjoy Christmas, and it was great to see their reactions when each new parcel was handed around and opened.   

Ted and I for the past few years have exchanged books from wish lists we have made up weeks before, so we don’t know what book it will be until the day comes.  Always a surprise and definitely something we wanted.  I had an even bigger surprise this year, a photo in an envelope, of a –

wonderful light box/table – large, about 135 x 95 cm (53 x 37 inches) and on legs, high enough not to have to bend over.  A total surprise, I had no inkling it was being made, even though my studio is right next door to his workshop.

The table decoration for Christmas dinner was a little different this year.

with lots of red beads looking like berries, and little tree ornaments scattered among them, and in the middle was a little decorated tree in a little pot with a tree skirt made of chocolate frogs pinned on all around.  Amazingly, not all the frogs were eaten on the day!

Home again, and the war with the wallabies is on again, with a bigger stronger fence to be built over the next month or so.  Maybe then I can grow flowers like these hydrangeas in my neighbour’s garden.  This one is called Hen & Chicken (I think) because it has both little flowers in the middle and larger petals on the outside.


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