Taste of Tasmania

It’s Summer Festival time in Hobart, and of course the Taste of Tasmania is on again this week.  For those non-Tasmanians, the Taste is an annual event from the 27 December to 3 January, where visitors can wine and dine and taste samples of Tasmanian cuisine, and enjoy music from various types of bands and watch street entertainment of all sorts, from buskers to the professionals, and plenty for the kids as well, all on the Hobart waterfront, only a stone’s throw from the wharves where all the boats which sailed in the Sydney-Hobart and Melbourne-Hobart yacht races (starting on Boxing Day) are tied up.

We decided yesterday to have a day out and went to the Taste for an early lunch before the crowds were too big, and even at just midday, we had a job to find somewhere to sit.  There had been big publicity about the venue being given a facelift with lots more tables and chairs, but even so, there wasn’t enough.  Each year the crowds get bigger with its popularity, I think it has been going for about 20+ years. 

But the food was as delicious as always.   We tried sample dishes of Turkish lamb cutlets and a sort of meat burgher, and salmon & brie spring rolls, then finished up with a luscious dessert of raspberries, pavlova and fudge (soaked in a liquer), with coffee.  Very reasonable prices for taste or entree size dishes, so we were able to have a lovely exotic lunch for under $40 for the 2 of us.

There were still a lot of boats yet to finish the race when we were there, as you can see by the number of empty berths in the marina.

This entertainer did a lot of interacting with his audience, and in the photo of his final act, he is standing on a rope held up by eight strong young men he volunteered for the job, and juggling 3 carving knives.

It was an enjoyable day out, we should take time to do it more often.

It’s New Years Eve, and just a couple of hours before the new year starts.  Have you made your list of new year resolutions yet? and how many will happen?  Last week I decided that I would definitely get stuck into my garden until it is back to its previous state.  I started today – shredding a barrow load of paper and soaking it ready to mulch parts of the garden, and spread old hay on one of the beds.  It was nearly dark when I rushed out to take this photo.

Have a happy new year everyone, may the coming year be good to you and your dreams come to fruition.  I’ll be back to chat in 2011.


4 responses to “Taste of Tasmania

  1. Happy New Year – have fun rebuilding your garden. My resolution is to progress further with my family history research, which will take more of my spare time.


  2. Hi Sue, happy new year to you and family! Your blog looks lovely with your quilt as background! Have been busy with painting the house the last few days. Have not even been to see the yachts yet!


    • There weren’t very many in port when we went to see them on Thursday, but by now I guess a lot will have left for home.