More Felt to Art & Snug Market

Here is how I made this cover

Starting with this piece of felt
and some slivers of silk and wool fibres,
five minutes under the embellisher
and the felt is ready for stitching over to secure the silk (which didn’t punch into the felt as well as the wool, it stayed on the top)
The piece of felt was pressed with a steam iron, and then cut to size and shape.  The edges were fancy stitched and the flaps stitched in place and given a final pressing.

 With books inside they look pretty good, don’t they.

 This afternoon, I made some more covers. 

A few more tomorrow and I’ll have a nice supply for the markets.

This Sunday will be the first market for the year at Snug, read all about it on-line at the Snug Market website.  I am listed under my business name of Flowerpot Quilts.  Come along and join the fun if you are in the Channel area on Sunday.


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