Haystacks and berry fruit

There are some enterprising people out there.  Each summer on one of the large farms in the northern midlands, artistic licence is applied when building hay stacks.  These were seen from the Midlands Highway around Epping a few days ago.

Haystack art

Closer view

Two bottles of the local beer and a 6-pack of cans.  Great advertising for the brewery.

After the rain we have had, I was sure that I would not get any raspberries at all.  We went to a Pick Your Own berry farm at Sandfly.  It took a long time to fill 3 small buckets, but we did manage to get about 6 1/2  kgs, as the good fruit was hard to find, still we’ll have raspberry jam in the winter, along with a few tayberries and silvanberries which we grow ourselves.  I’ve made some tayberry and strawberry jam and it is delicious, but all other fruit has gone into the freezer for later.

Tayberries ready for the pot


One response to “Haystacks and berry fruit

  1. love the haystacks!