New quilt

Well, we’re back on line, new computers (laptops) installed with upgraded systems.  Windows and Office 2010 are so different from the 2003 version we were using, it’s taking a bit of getting used to.  The down side is all my graphics software is still on the old computer and I can’t upload photos tonight, or rather cropping to make the picture presentable before uploading.

I have been busy painting and stitching my latest quilt, titled ” Landfall 3″ –   deadline to deliver is Monday, hopefully it will get finished tomorrow.   Third quilt in a series, it is a painted scene of the far north west tip of Tasmania, very barron and windswept, which would have been their first sighting of land since rounding the southern tip of Africa for those intrepid sailors and settlers on sailing ships in the early nineteenth centry.

It is to hang in an exhitibion of art as part of the Wooden Boat Festival in mid-February, the theme this year is ” Celebrating our Maritime History” , very appropriate for an island state.

So, sorry no pics until I can sort out how to get them out of the old computer.


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