New quilt photo

Well, here it is.  Home again after dropping off my quilt,  I delved deeper into my laptop, and found that I could do basic photo editing in Microsoft Office !!  Never realised that before.  But it is only basic – cropping, rotating, and a couple of others. 

This is Landfall 3, photo taken before trimming and finishing off.

Landfall 3 - unfinished

I only realised tonight that I didn’t get a finished photo today, I will get one when it is hanging in the exhibition, which is part of the Wooden Boats Festival, to be held here in Hobart in less than 2 weeks time.  This is the poster being put up around town.

Now I have that quilt done, I can concentrate on the one I am making in an online class – Instant Art Quilts, teacher Ellen Lindner.  You can find out about Ellen and her quilt classes on her website  at .  It is a lot of fun, we share photos of our progress, and get lots of feedback from Ellen.  I’ll show you my quilt when it is finished.


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