Middleton Country Fair

It was a lovely summer’s day for the Middleton Country Fair on Saturday.  The rain held off until pack up time, when it came down in buckets, and many got soaked getting to their cars.   This is part of the crowd watching the Scottish Pipe Band early in the afternoon.

And this is my tent where I had all my scarves and fabrics for sale. (N0, it’s not me in the tent, a customer making a choice)

One of the features of this annual event, is a scarecrow competition, very popular.  All along the highway, there are various scarecrows attached to people’s gates, each with its own title, some of them very artistic and i ngenious.  More about them another day.

I have some lovely new necklaces from my daughter Jen (Marcato Designs) added to my stock for sale. 

They attracted a lot of atention at the Woodbridge market yesterday.

Here is my latest quilt mentioned last week, nearly done, only needs the quilting to be finished.

The colours in this photo are not very true, it is really much redder than pink, and the yellow is more orangey.  I’ll try again in the bright sunlight when it’s finished.

Meanwhile, I’m off to visit my son and his family in New South Wales on Wednesday for a week, I’ll have lots of photos when I get back.


6 responses to “Middleton Country Fair

  1. love the look of the display you’ve done for my pieces 🙂
    Your whole display looks great!
    Jennifer 🙂


    • Thanks Jen, My table is the first thing visitors see when they come in the door, so I have to grab their attention straight away.


  2. The quilt looks great. Happy holiday enjoy!