Zentangles or designer doodles

How many of you  keep a visual diary, and do you fill it with interesting observations and inspirations for future work?  Or are you like me and have page after page of meaningless doodles.   Don’t worry, there are lots of us doing just that, and somewhere someone has come up with a term to describe complicated doodling – Zentangling – and a new art form has taken off.

I came across this book recently Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew –

The blurb on the back cover says –

” Can’t draw? Stressed out?  Even if you are an artist and feel perfectly calm …

Zentangle is for you!  Learn to focus, relax your mind and boost your creative confidence.

No Kidding. ”

The book is full of ideas and patterns you can put in your doodles (Zentangles), I was hooked before I finished looking at it.

All you need is a pencil, some paper, and a very fine drawing pen, then draw a square on the paper and draw a string any shape you wish with the pencil in the square, and fill in with doodling (or should I say Zentangling) with the fine pen.  If your design doesn’t seem to be working, change the pattern to something different.  There’s no rubbing out until the end when you remove the original pencil line.  Sound fun?  Have a go.  Here’s what is on the front page of my work book – all about me.

It was grandson Number 2’s birthday this week, and I decorated his birthday card envelope with his initial.  I hope he has kept it, you never know it may be a valuable work of art in 50 years time (haha).

I do miss my camera, hopefully, I can do something about it in the next few weeks.


2 responses to “Zentangles or designer doodles

  1. We still have it. No worries about that. 🙂


  2. talksilkpaint

    I’m so glad you posted this. I do a lot of doodling- and tell myself, Oh, it’s just junk, I should do something REAL. And yet I do enjoy it. I like that this book makes it feel REAL.