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Well that was bright of me, another seniors moment, I led you up the path to the world of Zentangling and forgot to open the gate with links to see what can be done.  Try this website – 

 and also this one –

Here is another drawing I have made using some of those patterns


Friday and Saturday I dyed some silk scarves.  After mixing up fresh dyes in the colour combinations I wanted, and dyeing the scarves in individual cups, and recording what I was doing – I don’t do that part very often – then I found I was out of readymixed soda ash. Rather than mix up a fresh batch of soda ash,  I found some old salt and soda ash mixture left over from some silk dyeing of several months ago, and used that instead. 

 Well … most of the colour washed out and I have very pastel colours now, not what I was aiming for !  I was hoping to have very bright colours that I could do some discharging with.  No photos of course, still working on that one.

I am wondering why the salt/soda ash solution did not work, does any one know ?  I know that Procion dyes and soda ash in solution, neutralise after a few hours.  Did the salt lessen the strength of the soda ash over time? and therefore allow the dye to wash out of the fabric?  I have used this mix before, when it has been made up for several weeks, but this time it was several months.  Any answers, I would love to know what might have gone wrong. 



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  1. I’m hooked! I checked out the book from the first blog… bit on the exxi side… thinking of buying for a young mans birthday coming up in June. He is right into this sort of detail.


  2. I purchased it from the Book Depository in UK late January for about $18 Aus & free shipping worldwide. It took about 2weeks to arrive.


  3. Hmm, I bought a book from them, took over one month to arrive, so not exactly impressed with their service. Maybe I give them another chance…