Hey, I’m back …

I realise it has been quite a while since I last blogged, but I have not been idle.  When I’ve not been in my studio either dyeing or sewing, I’ve been outside stacking wood.  An hour a day for the last couple of weeks has resulted in this stack, as you can see it’s not finished yet, moving piece by piece from the pile created by the splitting machine to a nice tidy stack that I can easily get a barrowload from.

Hopefully that will be enough for two years, that is including summer evenings, as we had quite a few fires this just past summer. 

We have started to get the usual autumn spectacular sunrises, and this one was last week –

Sunrise 30 March 2011

Today this is all that we could see at the same time around 7 am –

Foggy morning

But we are promised a summer’s day of around 22 degrees – lovely.  When the sun does break through I’ll be back in the studio dyeing some yardage ready for a big market on the weekend.  I hope I’ll have some pictures for you when it is done.


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