Winter and travel

Another lovely sunrise heralding a beautiful autumn day, photo taken on Saturday.  Since then winter has arrived with a vengeance, cold winds blowing straight from the south pole again, and lots of snow forecast for the mountains now that it has stopped raining.

We are planning on escaping from the cold, heading north for the next couple of months.  By north I mean north-north (not north Australia), but to Europe ending in Finland late in June to vsit our eldest daughter for a couple of weeks of summer holidays.  Meanwhile our youngest daughter, together with her husband and 3 sons, have arrived back in Tassie after spending the last 7 years in Queensland.  They must be feeling the cold, although they said they were glad to get away from the heat of Mt Isa.  They will be looking after things here while we are away, that is one less thing to worry about.

I haven’t spent much time in my studio lately apart from overdyeing several favourite and faded shirts and jeans to freshen up their colour – look just like new again.  I need to take some more scarves to one gallery which sells for me – it’s nice to get the cheque with a  “please send more” request.

While planning our trip, I have been looking for quilt shows anywhere in Europe in June or July, they all seem to be in August or September.  I know there is one planned for Ireland in June next year, but not this year. Do any of my readers know of textiley events happening in June in Europe between Spain and Finland ??  I’d love to hear from you if you have any information.


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