Scrappy jacket class

When we get back from our overseas holiday, my first job will be preparing for this year’s jacket class.  It is a fun jacket, easy to make, great to wear, stunning to look at, and you get to use up lots of those little bits of left over scraps.  Accurate stitching is not so important as the stitches will blend into the fabrics, but it does make a very nice warm winter jacket for any occasion.

The technique is simple, raw edge applique, and you only need basic sewing skills but with some knowledge of dressmaking to put the jacket together and finish off.

I will be teaching it in July at Possum Patch/Easysew store in Hobart.  If you want to know more, or enrol in the class, contact me or Judy at Easysew.  I will be available to teach it at any other venue from September onwards – get in touch with me.


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