Malaysia and Dubai

What a week it has been since we left Australia.  Three days in Kuala Lumpur included a city tour to a batik workshop – where we saw the artisans working all stages of producing long lengths of beautiful silk or rayon cloth, both wax resist before painting or dyeing. Next we went to “Beryl’s”, a chocolate factory outlet – you can guess whatg we found there.  Then on to the royal residence to see the changing of the guard outside thegates, and as we arrivedwe were treated to a cavalcade just leaving thepalace. And a visit to the war memorial, for WW1, WW2 and the malayan emergency war – very impressive. 

Each afternoon we had rain, and one afternoon we went up the famous tower in KL (can’t think of its name justnow)but the air  was so thick and humid outside that visibilitywas not too good. Another night the thunder rolled around for half the night, so much rain causing that tragic landslide you have probably read about. 

I must apologise for the spelling but the keys on this keyboard keep sticking teleters together and missing lots altogether.

Oner thing I did wasbuy myself a new camera, a Nikon P7000, but this hotel computer won’t allow me to load pictures, maybe next time I’ll have something toshow.

Next instalment will be aboutDubai- an amazing city.


3 responses to “Malaysia and Dubai

  1. Hi, sounds like a fantastic time so far. I was going to say, ‘you know how to spell and use the space bar’ but we all have times like that.
    Love the new cmera, and can’t wait to see the new pics.


  2. Was it the Petronas Twin Towers? They were still under construction when I was in KL…

    Happy travels


  3. The tower I described was the Kuala Lumpur Tower, tallest tower when it was constructed; the Petronas Twin Towers are even taller by a long way; completely stainless steel and lit up at night. Inside they are a shoppers paradise for the first three floors, we didnt get any further.