News from Gibraltar

It´s only been two weeks since we left home, but it seems like two months already, we have seen so much and are suffering from brain overload.  Being on a tour, we haven´t had much time to ourselves, and are relishing being on our own for a while.

Today is R & R in Gibraltar, except we are not in Gibraltar yet, but in Spain – La Linea – across the border, a suburb ?? of Gibraltar or Algeciras ?? . 

Morocco was fantastic, and our tour driver/guide took us to places we wanted as well as the set tour of the Royal Cities.  Everywhere the people are friendly, the traffic is chaotic with double exclamation marks !! but the drivers are very mindful of pedestrians.   We had special guides for each of Marrakech and Fes medinas, as well as the roman city of Volubilis. 

Still haven´t been able to download photos, I promise I will soon.


2 responses to “News from Gibraltar

  1. How many people where with you on the tour? Or was it just you two? Very interested to hear your experiences on this part of the trip.


    • Just the 2 of us with a driver for the week, and different guides for each place. We took the Royal Cities Tour which regularly starts on a Sunday, but we were arriving on a Wednesday, so actually had the bus (small one) to ourselves.