Arrived in Nuenen, Netherlands, yesterday.  Today, Ted is at the rally for stationary engines, an international event he has planned to attend for a long time.  I have a free day…  Finally ended up at a Bibliotek with reliable computers and I can catch up on lots, like emails and blogging….  

Putting it all briefly, the Middle East (Dubai) was amazing, very hot and dry as you would expect from a city built in the desert.  We took a Hop On/Off bus tour and will see the places we missed on our way home.

In Morocco we had a driver who stayed with us the whole week, and took us where we wanted as extra to the scheduled tour.  We had a special guide in each of the 3 cities Marrakech, Volubilis and Fes, who kept us safe from being pestered by the many traders in the various medinas.  I bought some lovely silk, cotton, and wool scarves, lots of purple of course.  In Marrakech, we saw the raw silk from the agave plant and how it dyed to a lustrous shine.  I’m going to check out our agave plant when we get home and see if I can get some fibre from it.

Then the ferry from Tanger to the european mainland, bus and train through Spain to Bordeaux in France.

The library has just closed for the weekend, ….


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