Berlin Textle Art

Textile Art Berlin on Saturday was certainly worth going to see.  The exhibition had taken over a wehole secondary school.  Hallways held mini displays of quilts and wallhangings or installation type art, while the classrooms had 3 or 4 artists displaying some of their work and offering lots for sale.  Marvellous eye candy. Photos not allowed, but a CD of all the actual items just on display , 204 in all, was available – now to find the time and sit down and look at them all again.

Looking back today, it was like one great big Atasda exhibition, every conceivable creative art with textiles and fibre, including wire and paper. I´m so glad I went, it was so inspirational, and I made a few contacts with like minded artists.  And I was very restrained with my shopping, lots I would have loved to buy, but being practical, carrying and posting would both have posed a problem, but I have a few small things to show when I get home.

Today off to Frankfurt, fly to Helsinki tomorrow to see the family.


One response to “Berlin Textle Art

  1. Look forward to seeing your goodies when you return.
    Back to mundane matters – I have your entry from the ‘F’ word challenge & will keep it until your return.
    Keep safe & avoid volcanic ash wherever you go.