Fun photos

We’ve had a few chilly mornings this week followed by lovely sunny days.  This was Monday

The frost stayed on the car until the sun came round the side of the house at about 10am, just as well I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

I carry my camera just about everywhere with me, on the look out for anything which takes my eye, can be a simple picturesque view or object which will later be an inspiration for something creative, or simply something which produces a smile.  When we are travelling many of my photos are of signs, some of them very witty.   Here is a selection of things we saw, the captions should explain them.

Smile you are in Fes, Morocco

Welcome to an Estonian shop, Tallin. Saw lots like this

Who's looking for whom? Tallin

In market square, Tallin

On a lamp post, Tallin

Fire extinguisher in a stone building? Bourges, France

Cafe sign, Prague, Czech Republic

Very narrow lane, no room to pass, notice the traffic light, Prague

"Serious Sofa" sculpture, Eindhoven, Holland

It's all a mural, fantastic panting, Bourges

Advertising outside cheese shop, Geldrop, Holland


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