Printing inspirations

I’ve made drawings of these pics and had them made to screens for printing

swedish fungi

swedish sculpture

drawings for screens

In many places, there are some wonderful designs in the paving of footpaths and public squares.    Traditional patchwork designs have been used in all sorts of places, walls as well as floors.

hall in royal palace, Morocco

Paved square in Casablanca

Floor of bathing pool, mosque in Casablanca

Marble floor, grand mosque, Casablanca

Mosaic floor in Roman villa, Volubilis, Morocco

Mosaic tiled accessories for the home, ceramic workshop, Morocco

Mosque door, Casablanca

Entrance to National Museum, Kuala Lumpur

Footpath in modern Fes, Morocco

Footpath in old Fes.

Beachfront esplanade, Tanger, Morocco

Manhole in footpath, Prague?

Paving around whale sculpture, Mariehamm, Finland

And here are a couple more funny pics from Mikkeli in Finland

Gastro Pub, Mikkeli, Finland. Click on pic to read the sign

Good sized fruit, Mikkeli market, Finland.


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  1. I share your enthusiasm for these pics & the subject matter.