Knitting Can Can scarves

The surgery on my knee went well, had the stitches out today.  My thigh muscles are still a bit stiff but the knee is A OK.  I don’t intend to climb mountains soon, but knowing I’ll be able to is enough for now…..

Meanwhile my enforced sitting about gave me time to try out some new knitting projects.  I had found this CanCan yarn in a store in Kingston, very unusual ‘yarn’, it’s a web/ribbon that you knit into one edge and stretch out the ‘ribbon’ which gives it a frilly appearance.  I didn’t explain that very well, but you can see how it’s done on YouTube if you just type into Google “youtube can can scarf”.  There were half a dozen videos deomonstrating, but the best one was where the camera was behind the shoulder of the knitter and the actions were easy to see.

Can Can comes in a 200g ball, and you can knit 2 scarves from it.  It comes in plain colours and also in mixed colours.  The one above is a work in progress, and is bricky-rusty red and deep burgandy.  The one below is black and white.

The length of each colour is enough for one row of stitching, so I ended up with some of the scarf being black on one side and white on the other, and sometimes as my tension changed, I would have one or two stitches on the second row, which made the colour go in a spiral.

This is what I have made so far.

They are fun to wear and look great.

It is our quilting guild’s Friendship Day next Saturday in Launceston, 250km from here.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to drive by Friday, so I can take my hand-dyed fabrics and scarves up there and have a traders table.  I’m also going to start de-stashing by making up bags of fabric pieces.

Woodbridge market started again yesterday.  The day was very cold and wintry, and the stallholders were all very pessimistic to start the day, but there were lots of visitors in spite of the weather.  Snug market is back on next Sunday and I’ll be there.


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